Why can't I delete my Exchange 2007 Recovery Storage Group?

I open the Exchange 2007 Managemnet Console and select TOOLBOX - Database Recovery Management.  I then put in my server/user information and select NEXT.  After selecting "Mount or dismount databases in the recovery storage group", then selecting the mounted Recovery Storage Group Database, followed by "Dismount the selected database", I receive a "Database 6 successfully dismounted" message.  I then select "Go back to task center' and "Remove the recovery storage group".  I then receive a message that....."The recovery storage group cannot be removed if any databases are mounted.  Go back to the task center, select 'Mount or dismount databases in the recovery storage group' task to dismount all databases, and then try again.  This is a never ending cycle.  I've even tried to delete the database manaully from the E:\ and F:\ drives, but I get an error saying "Database is in use".  Does anybody have any idea why I can not delete the Exchange 2007 Recovery Storage Group?  Thanks.
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UbuntopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I cannot directly answer as to why the Recovery tool is not dismounting the DBs, but there are other options.  Have you tried removing it from within the EMC?

Otherwise try this in the Shell.
Remove-MailboxDatabase Identity ExcServer\Recovery Storage Group\Mailbox Database
Remove-StorageGroup Identity ExcServer\Recovery Storage Group
Remove-MailboxDatabase -identity <Server_Name>\<RSG_Name>\<Database_Name>
Remove-Storagegroup -identity "<Server_Name>\<RSG_Name>"
The mailbox database has to be deleted first. That's what the first command does. Then you can delete the Storage Group.
You also need to be the Exchange server administrator and a member of domain administrators if on a domain or local admins if not.
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