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How can i restrict / limit the traffic rate between Backup Exec CPS replicating servers

We have Veritas Backup Exec Continuous protection service installed on our live site and our DR site.
Our live site replicates our data stores using CPS. How can I restrict the traffic rate of replication as it thrashes our VPN.
We do not have the ability to restrict traffic flow in our VPN concentrator. Can I set the maximum data rate in Veritas Backup Exec, or does anyone know of an application that could be installed on the same box as Veritas Backup Exec to restrict traffic only to a particular IP?
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You could try allowing ports 1804, 20481, 20483, 20485, 8181 and 8443 only to the IP you want the CPS information replicated to. These are the ports used by CPS. If you wanted to restrict it to a certain time and are using Cisco routers or firewalls, you could create a time based access list also on that router or firewall.

Cheap $35-99 license.  We use it on several servers.
IT/EE Solution Guide
Limiting bandwidth that is dedicated to a backup job
CPS enables you to specify bandwidth properties to better manage your resources during
backup jobs.
Note The bandwidth setting applies to all active backup jobs running between two
computers. The most restrictive bandwidth setting is applied to all running jobs.
¼ To limit bandwidth that is dedicated to a backup job:
1. On the navigation bar, click Setup.
2. In the selection pane, click Backup Jobs.
3. In the results pane, select the backup job.
4. In the task pane, under Backup Job Tasks, click Properties.
5. Under Settings, click Bandwidth.
6. Click Add.
7. Complete the appropriate options as follows:
8. Click OK.
Frequency To run a scheduled backup at a specific time, select Run only at, and
then indicate the time.
To run the backup periodically, select Run, and then indicate the
frequency, start time, and end time.
For example: Run every 1 Hour from 8:00:00 A.M to 5:00:00 P.M.
Source server Select the server from which the files are copied during the
backup job.
Limit bandwidth usage to Select the bandwidth that is allocated to the backup job process.
Network connection type Select the type of connection existing between the Business
Server and Protection Server.
9. On the Backup Job Properties dialog box, click OK.

For more information look up the CPS ADMIN GUIDE