call to undefined function oci_connect


ihad previously everything on one machine but now i have two servers A and B. on server A i have my oracle db and on server B my php pages. they aer on the same network.
on server Bi have every thing configured (php.ini, db connection, ect..)
my db connection is like:
$db_conn = oci_connect('vais', 'vais', 'xe');

as you see i use xe as the tns name because the db is on the same machine as the pages.

what must i do now that they apart on different servers. because i think thats why i get the error: call to undefined function oci_connect

when on the same server it works fine.
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call to undefined function doesn't mean you made a mistake in the way you used your function, it means the orcacle dll isn't loaded in php.ini
eawebAuthor Commented:
but should the call function data (tns name)work even if the db is on a different server?
that I'm not entirely sure of, I would have to look at how the oci_connect() function actually works.

but check your php.ini to see if the oracle extension has been loaded.
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eawebAuthor Commented:
i check the dll and it is uncommented
make a php called phpinfo.php


and see if it is loading the php file that you checked to have the uncommented extentsion
eawebAuthor Commented:
already did that.

maybe i need to install the oracle client on server B?? in order to get connected to server A via the TNSNAME??
maybe, but that's not the error you are receiving.

just make sure that the

"Configuration File (php.ini) Path" in phpinfo(); is pointing to the php.ini file that you are using.

Windows PHP sometimes makes a php.ini file in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32, and in c:\php

so you may be editing the wrong one.
I suggest using Zend Core for Oracle which include all necessary components to run php, webserver and oracle-Client (and if you want you get support for that)

>maybe i need to install the oracle client on server B?? in order to get connected to server A via the TNSNAME??
yes oracle instant client 10 e.g
tns not needed you can use e.g
//servera/databasename if port 1521 is used a listener on Server A

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