In Log Shipping do changes like table structure modification propagate to the secondary server?

I have had log shipping set up for some time now and it is running great (i think). Yesterday I noticed that a table I added to a DB a few weeks ago (after log shipping was established) on the primary server was nowhere to be found on the secondary server. Was I foolish to think these types of changes would propagate? To further test I added a new field to a table and waited for the log shipping to run to no avail. I made these changes in Management Studio. Does that make a difference?
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chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They definetly should be moved.  Anything that happens on the primary sever are moved to the secondary server.  You may need to make sure changes are getting placed there.  If you have a witness server watching the two and have the 2ndary database in standby mode, then you can go and see the data.  As for the witness, you can run sp_help_log_shipping_monitor to view the copy and restore latency between the two servers.
nharpeAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much.
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