HP LaserJet 5Si issues

I have a HP LaserJet 5Si. The problem is when I changed to Toner the print was coming out fine. The on the fuser roller paper was in between the fuser roller. I removed the paper and now the copies appear almost blank. The printer screen does not show Perform printer maintanance. I also do not know when the last Printer maintanance kit was performed. Before I purchashed the kit is there anything else that can be done to get the copies to come out clear
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would agree with you if you have followed my last posting
I am not quite understanding your second sentence...

My understanding is the pages are now comming out very light..

Does the toner rub off the paper ?
Have you taking the toner cartridge out and banging on top of it while holding it over a garabge can ?   Did you take the strip off the toner cartridge ?
Try turning off the printer for 5 minutes
remcjrAuthor Commented:
To answer your questions

1. No the toner does not rub off the paper
2. No I will do that now
3. Yes
4. Turn off but only for a few seconds.
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let me know after you bang the toner...

So if I am understanding you correctly you replace the toner cartridge it printed fine then it did not ?   You mention something happened above in your intial post but I am not quite understanding your comment..
remcjrAuthor Commented:
Once I did yes than paper was rolled under the fuser roller. I removed the paper from the fuser roller and now copies come out blank or very close to being blank. I tried banging the toner and that did not work. Like I address before I do not know when the last time a Printer Maintanance has been performed. I also turned it off for over five min. Same result.
Did you check to make sure the fuser levers are locked down ?

It may need the printer maintenance done. here is the manual for steps on cleaning the printer

page 114 explains how to clean the printer...

the problem your having is due to one of the following

levers are not locked down properly on fuser assembly
bad toner cartridge
bad fuser

remcjrAuthor Commented:
The transer roller is where the paper was stuck and when I pulled the roller out two out of three attachments were on the roller. I think I will need to perform a maintanance kit.

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