Getting 'account busy' error message when I try to receive mail from POP account on Mac Mail

I am using Mail on the Mac, and I'm trying to receive mail from my external POP account. This used to work with no problem for me, but now I'm getting the error:

      "The mail server denied access to the account "worldnet" because an administrator or other mail client was using it when Mail tried to log in. Please try again later.
       The server error encountered was: account busy (locked by an IMAP4

I've tried removing and re-adding my mail account, but I get the same message.  I can send mail with no problem, but cannot receive it. Does anybody know what I should try next? Thanks!
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suggest you call your mail service provider. It sounds like there is a problem at their end.
mromeoAuthor Commented:
thanks, that's what i thought, too.
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