How do I shut off the wireless portion of my modem?

I have a Zoom X6 DSL modem.  It is also a wired and wireless router.  I have it hooked up to a desktop computer via a wired connection.  I want to shut off the wireless connection of the modem all together.
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cbmmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
open your browser and type and login  with user:admin password:zoomadsl. once you have logged in go to wireless setup and change wireless status to disable
Hey RockerRB.

What you want to do is enter the modems web comfiguration page and disable
Wireless there. How you do this is found here in the full english manual

Look down at page 29 - the first choise on the page shown there is the one you
need. Please let us know if you arent able to disable WLAN after having looked at
this manual.

You should be able to go into the configuration of the DSL modem. Go to
zoom configuration manager then click wireless then wireless setup uner wireless status there should be an enable and disable selecting disable (I believe) disables the wireless. Test it to be sure. If that is not the setting somewhere in the wireless settings there should be an option to turn it off.

Can you please explain your reasoning behind accepting the comment you did? It seems to me as if it is virtually identical to the first two.

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