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I tried to install Adobe Creative SUite Standard to 2 of our users, I added the users as Admins to the Computers, after the installation I removed the admin rights from the users accounts. However upon rebooting the machine we were able to open and use everything but Photshop inside of the creative suite. Upon opening photoshop this is the error I received --- Current user does not have the priveleges to perform product activation. Run this application from a user account with administrator privelegs or contact your system administrator. We are on Windows XP as well.
I did run it from an account with administrator priveleges. However the priveleges were removed once the installation was finished as we cannot have any of users with admin priveleges. Any help that could be provided would be appreciated. Thanks !
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aloyd18Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you register with the account you're trying to use?  You should be able to register the product with any admin account and it will work as long as you chose the "all users can use this program" option during installation.
ITHCIAuthor Commented:
Yes I registered it with adobe under the users name while still in the admin group. Unfortunatle the only one that didnt work was photshop everything else worked fine.
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