I have mapped Drive that disappears the next day - why?

I have a sbs 2003 server  and a ext HD that has it's own IP address. It seems that once I map the ext drive it will give me access and seem to be just fine and then the nexr day I look at the drive and it shows disconnected, and I have no access to it and I can't or don't know how to reconnect it. If I then delete the drive and remap it it works fine again. Any suggestions
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have you tried using the following:

net use \\ip\sharename <drive letter>: /persistent:yes


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jploesslAuthor Commented:
no I just used the map network drive from the tools menu. Thanks I will try this  
You could create a batch file and run from the startup folder with the following if the above doesn't work....

net use <drive letter>: /delete
net use <drive letter>: \\ip\sharename

You could also add this to the netlogon at \\YOURSERVERNAME\NETLOGON\SBS_LOGIN_SCRIPT.bat and that will map the drive for all users if you want to.

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this behavior is the same as SAMBA networking on the MAC -- you can connect to any resource on another system, and it stays for as long as the MAC is running, but when you shut down, the share goes.

In your case, USB devices are only "present" when the system is on.  When the system shuts down it MUST disconnect or unmount any drives on USB channels.  This is to protect the data, it is no different than the warning, Eject your flash card before you remove it, in case you corrupt the files on it.  USB drives are by design supposed to be disconnected before they are removed, and that is what you are seeing.

Perhaps your USB drivers are not up to par?  Perhaps it is SBS that is causing the problem and you need an endless "hot fix" from Microsoft.  If you can make a share in windows explorer one day and see it the next, you know that the USB drivers are working right with the system.  It is then SBS that is the problem
jploesslAuthor Commented:
will be trying to use this this weekend
jploesslAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help
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