Reset a Blackberry keylock forgotten password

If a user forgets a keylock password (curve 8300), can I resend/ reset the password via Blackberry Professional Software 4.1 sp4, without them losing any data?
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Kurt_BraeckmansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the Blackberry manager, then select the user and right click on the user.
the click on set password and disable handheld.
Normally that will work.
But if the user typs in 10 times the wrong password. the BB is erased.
johnking_80Author Commented:
How do I send a reset password request?
johnking_80Author Commented:
Cool... and that doesn't delete their settings/ data... excellent thanks.
The process is a bit different if you are on BES 5.0 ro 5.0.1.
Here are the steps:
1.  Logon to BAS and search for the user who needs their password reset.
2.  Click on the user's PIN number.
3.  Scroll to the bottom part of the screen and click on "Specify new device password and lock device"
4.  Type the new password (twice) and keep in mind that numbers will equate to alpha characters on some device keyboards.  Example:  1234 would be wers on a Curve QWERTY keyboard.
5.  Click "Specify new device password and lock device"   This will send a message to the device that the administrator has changed the password.
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