Field Behaviour

is there a way to set field behavior using a script?

for example

disallowing the field to be entered in the browse of find mode without setting it up manually

IOW if i start a script what command in the script or calculation to i use to change field behavior
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no. short answer isn't it?
gevensenAuthor Commented:
i was kinda figuring that by now

how about change the permission to read only using a script
gevensenAuthor Commented:
okay i think we were discussing protecting data yesterday

you said:

you relog him under another account with a button+script. quicker done than having to double the layouts.

which script command does this (changes account)

that sounds like the best solution
gevensenAuthor Commented:
never mind i got it

the re-login command

bulky but it works
yes, you get an insult everytime you try to enter data... but at least, it does not get changed and it is easy to implement.
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