Outlook 2003 Sync Problems (Yahoo and Activesync)

Previous Obsolete Microsoft Exchange Server removal  from Outlook 2003 was successful following guidance from an E-E Member. My two comcast accounts are now the only options to maintain in there.
It has stopped trying to open an old work exchange address.

After rebooting computer - Outlook now has an X in the lower right hand corner alerting me to the fact that it is offline and has to be manually told to send/receive.  The right click option over that icon is not activating to allow me to select an online solution

At the same time -- both syncing programs that worked fine before the removal of the exchange setting are now aborting mid-mission. Since the exchange setting was never connected, I am confused why this would send them into a failed sync.

Yahoo Autosync - loads any data for contacts and calendar between Outlook and Yahoo for the past several weeks.  Last night "Store ID not in current config"

New phone (Blackberry) ActiveSync software sent back a similar message:
"Cannot synchronize w/the outlook profile you are using, because a different profile was previously set up or the profile is password-protected.  Please open Outlook using the appropriate profile.  Support code: 8503001F"

So I am guessing that when I removed the old exchange setting leaving my other two active Comcast accounts in Outlook  - something was deleted or altered enough to throw this into a frenzy.  
Any suggestions on how to correct these two sync problems would be greatly appreciated ;-)
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I would uninstall the Synch software, and then make sure you have a good backups of your .PST files (email messages, contacts etc...).

Then delete the Outlook profile, and then recreate a new one (use a different name this time, like Colleen-Outlook).

This will create the new profile for you on first login (we can get the messages brought back in with no problem later.

Then reinstall your synch software, and see where we go from there....

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cblouin10Author Commented:
A ++++  I would give you 1,000 points if I could!
Sofar everything is working.
Recreated a personal folder in Outlook, set up mail accounts, imported old .pst.  ( Removed old one) Installed Yahoo sync - picked up new settings and has been syncing back and forth for about 20 minutes w/out error.
Re-installed BlackJack Active Sync.  seems to be working well with the excption of the phone creating a "new" PC file thinking I was using a second computer so I may have duplicate files when this is complete but that is a Samsung issue and I will contact their helpdesk to correct the duplication.  Again I cannot thank you enough for putting up with my novice state of mind.  You have been very easy to follow.
Your quite welcome.

Glad we got it fixed....

Have a great day!!
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