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I promise i'll distribute points SOON!!!  just need some quick advice...I have a laptop and was wondering what the best power settings are...I read about some people having trouble with hiberate  etc...I keep my laptop hooked in to A/C outlet  99% of the time...just wondering what is ideal power options...I noticed that when I close the lid I think it goes into standby, and when I open it all I have to do is hit the power button and it goes right back to where I was (used to have to click which user account)...anyway I think you guys know what i'm talking about...just want best settings...
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I never have a laptop go into hibernate as it just seemed to cause me problems.

When hooked into AC, I have the screen blank in about 10 minutes and keep the hard drive spinning.

IMHO, starting up and shutting down spindle motors in HDDs is not good and tends to cause more wear and tear.

However in battery mode, I have the screen blank in about 10 minutes as well, but turn off the HDDs in about 15 minutes. I would rather then conserve battery.

I do not put it into hibernate/sleep ever.

Just what I do for whetever reason as it seems with the laptops we have at work when they hibernate we have user issues and sometimes an app just won't come back in its same state. Esp if the hibernation was for a long time.


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just like Johnjces I never use hibernation, always shutdown/startup

HDD and monitor off after 5 mins on battery and after 15 mins on AC

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