Make SCO boot disk from Windows

We've got an old server that had a bad hard drive.  I've imaged it to another drive but the system won't boot.  It was running SCO OpenServer 5.  In my research on the issue, I've found that there's a way to create a boot disk from Windows.  Everyone seems to know about the app to do it with but I can't find it anywhere.  SCO's pitiful website doesn't seem to have it either.  I found a link for it but the link was bad.

The app is call 'ezcp.bat' and there's obviously more to it than just that batch file.  The files are supposed to be available on the original disks but we don't have those.  We desperately need the software to get this done.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.
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You can make a set of Boot and Root FDs from a working SCO box, or from a SCO OS CD.

Or try to download it from:

To make  the set of Root in Boot FD, login as root, and type in:

mkdev fd

then follow the screen instruction to make the FDs.

PS: You can download any SCO 5.x  bood disk to mount the filesystem and fix it.

PS: you need to download rawrite from the web, to write the FD image to a FD:

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CityOfRomeAuthor Commented:
I had tried to get into SCO's FTP site and I kept getting an 'Access Denied' error.  My supervisor saw your response.  He logged into SCO's FTP site and downloaded an ISO with no problems.  Now, I've got egg on my face and even I can get in with no problems.  Just my luck.  Thanks for your answer.
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