Printing multiple copies of a report with different footers at bottom like (customer Copy, Internal Copy)

We are using Crystal Reports 10 and have a invoice report created. How can we simply use that report and have it print 3 times with a different footer or variable each time that indicates Customer Copy, Internal Copy, Mailed Copy, etc...??

I suppose the easiest solution would be to have it prompt each time you print, but we are looking to have it automated so it always just prints 3 copies of the report with a different footer each time.
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Easiest way to do this is
if U have the Different footer values in a Database Table(Even if u dont have a table, if u have a liberty to create a new table or View with Footer values)
u can link it to the main table, which forms a cartesian product and displays ur invoice thrice

try this out !


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If you are running form an applicatioin you could print the report 3 times passing in a parameter that unsuppresses the appropriate footer.

Forced accept.

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