Can a Citrix seesion access local apps Such as Outlook?

Quick question for anyone who knows Citrix, can an application hosted in Citrix access local applications such as outlook or do they need them installed on the server?

I know Microsoft Terminal Server can't do this but wondered If Citrix could.

Thanks in advance!
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GregMoseleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No - Citrix is really an extension to Terminal Services, so there are much of the same limiations.
dpaoleschiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to install Outlook on the Citrix box for your apps to work together. That being said, it is possible to use content redirection to have the Citrix box open (for example) web pages using your local IE vs. the IE installed on the Citrix box.
nprignanoConnect With a Mentor Technical ArchitectCommented:
I will add that content redirection (enabled via Citrix policy) deals with specific file types - so you can set for example a .pst file to open in your clients copy of Outlook .  However, as dpaoleschi points out, you will need to install Outlook to use the functionality of Outlook inside of Word (for example).  Content redirection in Citrix does not allow you to use the client's copy of an application to perform internal operations of another program running on the server.  Content redirection is what the name implies - redirecting content (files) to the client PC rather than the server.  Hope that clarifies it better.
mbaldyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys, saved me a bit of research. Cheers.
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