ORA-24387: Invalid attach driver

Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options
JServer Release - Production

System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this error:  
I am able to log on to the oracle database using SQLPLUS and logging on as SYS or any other user. I also can query any data dictionary tables, views etc.  When I use OEM and try to log on to the console I receive ORA-24387 error:  This error means:

ORA-24387: Invalid attach driver
Cause: Trying to attach using the wrong driver
Action: Relink the application in the right mode

I have read that it has  something to do with "ojdbc14.jar" or the "ojdbc12.jar" found under the oracle home.
But how in the world do you get rid of this error.......?????

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Usually happens after upgrade... Oracle docs say:

1. Uninstall any patchset exceptions applied via OPatch so that the software is returned to vanilla version
2. Shutdown everything running out of the $ORACLE_HOME
3. On Aix remember to follow this step

To remove any currently used modules in kernel and library memory, enter the
following command as root:

# /usr/sbin/slibclean

4. Follow the patchset reeadme regarding Reinstalling the Patch Set Software.

5. Re-apply any patchset exceptions removed

Essentially, something went wrong with a patch applied... remove then re-apply patches.

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algotubeAuthor Commented:
joebednarz thank you for getting back to me. Yes I was upgrading from 9207 to patch 9208 but the stupid thing is I never completed the actual install and I did not use OPatch. I was using Oracle Universal
Installer but I backed out before applying anything.  I will go through the process of uninstalling I guess something must got installed or else I would not receive this error.... thanks I will let you know how it goes..........
algotubeAuthor Commented:
Yup that's what it was ........ something got installed during the patch...... I uninstalled everything and re-installed and now everything works fine............ thanks for your help..............
My pleasure... glad I could help!
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