PureMessage (3.0) not scanning mails when an AD auto-forward rule is in place.

Hi All,

One of the users in our company has an auto-forward rule in place to send their company emails to their home emails (don't ask why!).  The problem we're having is that PureMessage doesn't seem to be scanning these mails at all.
Does PM detect that there's an auto-forward rule in place, and not bother scanning?
Or does the auto rule take precedence and send before PM>  (I wouldn't have thought this last part were the case, but you never know!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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hollinbayConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
If anyone is interested, or stumbles across this post (or is having similar problems), it's a known defect with PureMessage.  This is the response I received from Sophos:

This is actually covered under a defect raised already and as you suggest is a result of us not accessing the mail in time because we performing scanning postCategorise and this rule happens before the message is categorised. This is currently under discussion as to whether this is a bug or not. However, in the mean time the workaround would be either to configure outbound rules as these will still be able to perform actions on the mail (except spam), or alternatively install PureMessage on the remote server.

We've put a workaround in place (create a VPN, added exchange server to hosts file and update Outlook through here - user doesn't like this "too complicated", but at least it works!).
hollinbayAuthor Commented:
I've raised this with Sophos - and will post their response here, when I have anything... maybe other people are suffering (or may suffer) this problem too.
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