Is There a Way To Generate an Script From a DTS Package

I need to Convert Some DTS to Scripts and I do not want to Do it manually.
Is there Something outthere that Scripts a DTS Package?
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Chris MangusConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
When you're inside the package in edit mode choose 'Package', 'Save As' and save it to Location 'Visual Basic File'.
Just a side-note: bear in mind, that if you save it as a VBScript file, you can edit that script file with any editor (it is just a text file), but you cannot reload changes back into the package on the server. If you do make script changes, you will have to mirror them in SQL Server to the saved package on the server.
What kind of script? VBScript, T-SQL script, Java script?

dbbishop has explanied how to convert to VBA/VBScript. There is no straightforward way to convert a DTS to T-SQL, unless the DTS is a bunch of Execute SQL tasks.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>I need to Convert Some DTS to Scripts and I do not want to Do it manually.<<
How can I break it to you ...
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