Removing Front-end Back-end config then migrating users.

I have a pretty standard exchange 2003 sp2 FE BE config, we are using OWA and RPC over Http, we are changing some hardware and balancing some load on our servers.

I want to take our servers out of FE BE config then migrate the users from the BE to the FE, then uninstall the BE from the server, leaving the old FE as the main server.  

Setting aside security concerns for now, other then the basic steps i have outlined are there any concerns with how to remove the FE?
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e_vanheelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you turn off any reference to Frontend or Backend topology.  Two places to look:  On the General tab and in the RPC-HTTP tab.  I would plan on doing some reboots and plan on OWA not being available for uses on the old BE server until you can move the mailboxes to the old FE server.
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