Creating a Macro To Move Mail from Sender NOT in Address Book to a Folder


I am trying to get any email sent to me, that is not from someone in my Global Contact List, to be moved to a folder. I have attached a picture of the rule I tried creating, but it doesn't work. So, if you know what I'm doing wrong with the rule let me know.

The main point of this question is to figure out how to write a Macro to do this. I figured it would work more effectively, but I have no experience writing macros. Any help is appreciated.

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I need to ask---did you turn the rule on?  Because the picture doesn't show that you turned it on!
ryan_flaglerAuthor Commented:
Yes, when I tried it I turned it on. I have it turned off right now because if I leave it on, all my mail will go into that temp folder.
I don't know if you really want that, as from what i read from the original post your trying to move the mail to the "Test" folder that are from people NOT in the contact list.?
What your rule does though is this:

1: Mail comes in
2: Check if the mail is from the contact list or not
3a: Mail IS in the list -> Move to Test
3b: Mail is NOT in the list -> Leave it in the Inbox

I think you'd need to make 2 rules because you can't say: "Exept people NOT in list"

Youre probably going to need 2 seperate rules.
1 Rule that moves the people that ARE in your list to a specified folder and then another rule that moves the Remaining mails (the ones that aren't in your list) to the folder you want the mails to go.

The first rule would look like Attachment 1.
and the second rule would look like Attachment 2.

I hope this helps :)

ryan_flaglerAuthor Commented:
So, I found the solution. Here we go.

Outlook does not consider the Global Address List as a valid Address Book. So when you use it in a rule, it dismisses it. I was going to make a macro to copy everyone from the GAL into an actual address book like on every Monday, but that just seemed messy.

What I ended up doing was this. If you are on an Exchange server, and everyone on the system is in fact in the GAL (which I believe they always should be), 90% of the time when you get emails from people, it will NOT have the in the name. So I made a rule that anything that DID have that, was moved to a folder called "Non-Work Email". Then, for the emails I got from work that DID have the I made an exception not to move those based upon text in the sender's address.

If anyone has a better solution to this problem, let me know, but this seems to work 100% right now.

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