Why do I have intermittent internet connectivity?

I have a network of approximately 30 computers all running windows XP SP2
We have Embarq ADSL for internet, and also a Sonicwall TZ170 for a firewall
We are currently having some internet connectivity issues with some of our computers.
It will happen to one computer at a time
The lan connectivity stays up all the time, but when you try to access a web page it will either give you an incomplete load or nothing at all.
Repairing the connection fixes the problem FOR A WHILE then later it will go out again.

Any other information you need just ask.
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chrisrandlemanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found out what the problem was....

I also had a linksys router on my network that used to be the company's firewall before i started so it was basically poisoning the arp cache

Problem is solved
Well if network stay up and only internet drops than first thing to check would be your Gateway. Do you have a server that all computers go to access internet? Can you draw out how your computers access internet for example

PC --> Router --> InternetModem --> Internet

When next time connection drops i would recommend to use "tracert" command in command promt to see where exactly the traffic stops.
chrisrandlemanAuthor Commented:
our network is

pc->switch->router->dsl modem -> internet

I have run tracert  but it doesn't get out of our network
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"It will happen to one computer at a time"

To confirm - do you mean that while the problem is occuring it affects just one computer with the other computers still able to access the Internet?
chrisrandlemanAuthor Commented:
Yes I mean my computer will drop internet connection, but all other computers are able to get there.
But then the accountants computer will drop 4 hours later and everyone else can still use the internet.

there seems to be no ryhme or reason to why it happens. But a repair does fix the problem.
chrisrandlemanAuthor Commented:
To answer your question about the tracert it responds unable to resovle host
Can you try pinging router->dsl modem -> internet in that order. That would seem to be most logical to see where exactly connection drops. Also what acts as your DHCP server?
chrisrandlemanAuthor Commented:
I will try next time it drops.

Post tomorrow.
chrisrandlemanAuthor Commented:
Also doing an arp -d

fixes the problem
for a little while....
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