Using SMS to push folder to client and set client screen saver to My Pictures Slideshow

I work for a small retail store chain.  Each store has 2-4 computer terminals running Windows XP.  We currently push updates out to the computers via SMS.  I am NOT familiar with SMS.  I am a developer by trade but dabble in networking so I'm not afraid of learning...I've just not found the correct solution yet.

I've been tasked with the following:
Push a file folder that contains a set of images out to all store computer terminals, set the screen saver on each terminal to window XPs "My Picture Slideshow", and change the directory for My Picture slideshow to point to the copied directory that is pushed out ( I would like it to be c:\companyslideshow).  I also need to set a policy that will take away the ability for the stores to change their screen saver but I have created a separate question for that ...  

I'm fairly certain I can do this with SMS but I don't know where to start.  The things I've tried to get the folder to push out have not worked.  I have bought a book but it was not very helpful and the internet searches I've done have too many pieces missing for me to piece together what I need.  So what I'm looking for in a solution is something that is like psudo code that covers the steps for pushing a folder out, set the screen saver, and change the directory.  Feel free to elaborate or add tips/suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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Hope this helps

1. In client push, you have to enable it on the general tab.

2. On the account tab (middle), add a domain account that has permission to access the C:\Admin$ account on the potential client. When you add this account, it will add it to the client connection account area by default. You will see a popup which says that you have to set it up, ibut it does it for you.

3. You have to add a domain account for the Network Access Account. I suggest the same account you use above. Domain Admin group works great of course.

4. On the SMS server, look at the ccm.log file with SMS Trace. With the log open, do a client push to the XP machine. Jump back to the log file and you will see it attempting to connect and using the account you have used in step 2.

5. On the XP machine, open the C:\Windows\System32\CCMSetup\ccmsetup.log file. If the log shows (and you see the client.msi make it into that folder) the download if the client.msi, then client push is setup correctly.

If it still does not happen on the client, make sure firewall is either open for the proper ports or disable the firewall. After you push the client, you will have to update the colleciton membership and then refresh the collection a few times to see the new clients show up. Of course, it will atke a few minutes to install the client and it send it's info to SMS. Watch the logs on the client at it gets installed.... watch the locationserviceslog as that will be used for MP location and site code. Watch the execmgr.log... there should be an average of 3 failures and then software distruibution will enable itself... Watch the clientlocation.log too...

tracymrAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the response.  I have a couple of questions in regards to your response.

In regards to item #1 and #2, this has to be done on every XP machine?  If it does, would it be reasonable for me to put the images I want for the screensaver on a network share that all remote computers have access to and then just change the Group Policy somewhere to point to that network share instead of pushing out the files?

If using a network share is not reasonable, can I push out to the common windows directory? or the logged in user directory without having go to each XP machine (assuming that I would need to do that in items #1 and #2).  

Does it make a difference if SMS is already being used to push out OS updates and updates to other non -Microsoft programs as well?  

And my last question, if I can not simply use a network share for the pictures, do I need to wrap the images folder up in an msi package and distribute that?


Use a group policy, you might have to push the images out to the clients. this is a great article on how to configure it Screen Saver Executable Name  Specifies the screen saver for the user's desktop. If you enable this setting, the system displays the specified screen saver on the user's desktop. Also, this setting disables the drop-down list of screen savers on the Screen Saver tab in Display in Control Panel, which prevents users from changing the screen saver. If you enable this setting, type the name of the file that contains the screen saver, including the .scr file name extension. If the screen saver file is not in the %Systemroot%\System32 directory, type the fully qualified path to the file. If the specified screen saver is not installed on a computer to which this setting applies, the setting is ignored.

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tracymrAuthor Commented:
Perfect. This is exactly what I needed.  Thanks!
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