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Strange problem: unable to type letters "s" and "p" when user profile loads...

OK, I have one user who has this strange problem. When I type username and pass, everything is OK, I can type all letters normally, including "s" and "p"...

But, when I log in and open (example) notepad I still can type all letters, but when XP full loads I am unable to type "s" and "p", but only small letters, "P" and "S" are working :) So this tell us that something is loaded that block this...

So far I have done:

- installed Symantec corporate, scan - no viruses.
- installed Windows Defender, scan - no viruses.
- try to kill services via msconfig, process explorer, process monitor, startup monitor, task manager but without success...

- it is not profile problem, because affect all profiles
- it is not keyboard problem because it works in logon box.

1 Solution
Does it happen if you start the computer in safe mode?

Also it might be worth tryin g a different keyboard (bit of a long shot...)
what d you mean "when XP full loads" ?

Before you can even run notepad, XP has already loaded fully.  It sounds most like the keyboard drive for the user's xp installation has become corrupted.  DO all of this together.  go into my computer, properties, device manager, and under keyboard or input devices, whatever keyboard is there, highlight it and press DEL.  It needs to be removed before you reboot.  Now shut the sytem down and off.  Replace the KB with a different one.  Now restart the system.

If this doesn't fix it, it is either related to the login (not the prompt to login, but the profile loaded when logged in) -- in which casse give the user a new logiin to test it.  Or else the AV software might be causing problems (hooking hot keys).  You really shouldn't run 2 AV programs on the one computer.  The idea is to have a local AV the user runs to monitor incoming files, and the corporate version, like symantec can double check the client from the server, this is the best way.  These 2 could cause a KB conflict -- or it could be any other resident program.  What if the user accidentally set S and P to be hot keys to launch something, like in word, but another program is stopping it?
Cro0707Author Commented:
@scrathcyboy: You are not right, when computer start you can run programs and notice that system tray are still not loading rest of applications... Until XP loads all programs into memory, I can normaly type s and p letters... Symantec AV and Windows Defender are not 2 AV's, because WD is not AV software, it is anti spyware/malware software... Also, there is no key mapping in the registry, I have checked.

@almilyo: No, when computer is in safe mode everything is OK, even with new profile. It is a laptop, and keyboard is already changed, that was first thing that my coworker tried...
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Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
Better try booting your computer in safe mode command prompt only and type

The above sentence consists of all the alphabets A to Z. This is quick method to check the functionality of all your Alphabet keys in keyboard
Very weird - I'd assume it was some process running a muck. Have you tried opening notepad, then stopping each running service one by one and each time seeing if functionality returns to these keys (then doing the same thing but killing processes in task manager). If you find out what's causing this you'd be half way to fixing it.

What happens if you change the character map to a different layout? Same problem?
Did you get anywhere with this?
Cro0707Author Commented:
I did not sucess to fix this problem, so OS is reinstalled. My conclusion is that some system files are damaged, or that regedit is corupted.

I have tried isolate problem using msconfig and boot machine without services, then without start up programs, winini, sysini, etc, but always same problem. Machine has same viruses and spyware that are removed, but they probaby modify some system files or registry.

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