How to make make access marco that will convert several fields from numbers to text

How do you create a macro in Access 2003 that will convert several fields of numbers into text? To be more specific, I want to take an Ohio database of marriages and change the number of the county (there are 88 counties) to the name of the county. How can this be done with a macro?
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therealmongooseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do this without running any code - create a new table called counties with 2 fields - one being a numeric field which relates to the id of the county in the original table, and one being text which contains the text name of the county. Use a query showing both table and drag a link between the county (numeric field) inthe original table, and the numeric id field of the new table. This will then allow you to show the county names instead of the county number....

kfranckAuthor Commented:
Great. Thanks.
kfranckAuthor Commented:
Terrific help. Quick and thorough. Thanks.
No probs - glad to be of help!
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