Any way to send mail from secondary email addresses with Outlook/Exchange?

Hi Experts,

This is an 03 SBS exchange enviroment.

Currently users have multiple email addresses for each of exchange inboxes.  
For example:  

One user in particular, needs to be able to send from their non-primary SMTP address everynow and then.   Is there a way to specify the sending email address in Outlook?  I know that I can just make a new mailbox in exchange and share, but it would seem logical in this instance that it could be done.

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James MontgomeryCommented:
gws226Author Commented:
You think if I allow annoymous relay from that one PC the user can put anything they wish in the From field?
James MontgomeryCommented:
That is not going to work as your outlook client uses the MAPI protocol, not SMTP to connect to the exchange server.

There is a POP3 'trick' with exchange to do the alternate from address - but it is not very elegant.

The 3rd party app or shared mailbox with SendAs permissions are really the only goers...

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gws226Author Commented:

I guess your limited to having to create additional user/mailboxes to accomplish this.

Thanks for the help
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