ECC RAM issues with Ghost 10.0

We have 17 engineering machines that were ghosted from Precision 390.  The only trouble is the machine the image was created on had 2GB non-ECC memory, and the machines being imaged have 4GB ECC memory.  Now all sorts of memory errors, bsod, etc. are occuring.  Can anyone think of a solution/patch/batch file that would solve this isuue without having a need to re-image all the machines?  Any insight or solutions are greatly appreciated as I'm on my last thread of patience with this issue. Thanks.
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Are they same hardware configuration PCs? or differnces?
hindsightAuthor Commented:
Exact same configuration for all the new pc's.  The only difference with the image is that the videocard and RAM are different.  The videocard I can just update, but the RAM issue described above is still occuring.
Are all 17 of the ghosted computers having the same issues?  I have never once experienced an issue ghosting from pc to pc with different amounts of RAM.  The OS shouldn't care about changes in RAM at all.  Now if you are using some proprietary software written in some sort of assembly that actually places items into RAM that would be one thing.

Was the computer that you ghosted off of a clean installation, or could this be errors left over from that PC?
Couple of questions:

- Did you change IDE/ATAPI Controller to standard IDE/ATAPI controller before cloning?
- How you setup ghost wizard:
  * Copy MBR
  * Set Active
  * Disk to disk (not partition to partition)
  * Do not assign drive letter
hindsightAuthor Commented:
Only solution was a total reimage from scratch.

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