Clustered SQL server 2005 - Maintenance plan problem

Hi Everyone,

Short Problem.

Here is my config:
 - SQL Cluster Active/Passive
 - MSSQL 2005 SP2
 - On the nodes: SQL engine, Worstation components
 - Windows 2003 SE SP2

Here is my problem:
 - When logged on the primary node (active one) I can browse and access all part of SQL server 2005
 - When trying to access (i.e. just displaying the plan) Maintenance plan from my passive node, I get the following error:
"Microsoft SQL server Management Studio is unable to load this document:
Unable to Cast COM Object of type Microsoft.SQLserver.DTS.Runtime.Wrapper.AplicationClass" to interface type[...] Library not registered. (Expection from HRESULT: 0x8002801D(Type_E_LibnoRegistered)".
 - This is linked with a error popup message:"Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Component (System Design)

Worse, when I switch the ressources to the passive node, the maintenance plan are not working. (same error message)

Any Idea why that could be?

Also, I've noticed since applying SQL server SP2 I've got a difference of version between SQL server Management Studio and Analysis Services Client tool. Could that be the source of it and how can I balance these versions?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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colinharrisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi all,

Just an update as I succefully solved this one:
It just needed the SP2 applied to the client tool on the "passive" node.


Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
Do you have SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio on both machine?
colinharrisAuthor Commented:
Hi Faiga,

Yes SBID is on Both nodes, although never been used.

Do you have SQL Agent running on the secondary node?
colinharrisAuthor Commented:
Hi Chapmandew,

Yes I do have SQL Agent running on the secondary node.

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