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I have developed many graph classes ( class for drawing the 2nd degree equation and other one draws the 2rd degree equation and so on ... ) what I want to do is to covert them to DLLs with the use of parent DLL that hold all childs DLLs.
That exactly looks like System DLL and it's childs like System.Drawing DLL, System.Data, ... and so on.

any one have idea how to do this ?
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Actually, System is a Namespace, as is System.Drawing and System.Data

They are NOT contained in the System Namespace - System.Drawing is a totally separate Namespace, separate from the System Namespace

NameSpace MyNameSpace
'  some classes go here

End Namespace

NameSpace MyNameSpace.Inner
' some other classes go here

End NameSpace

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Just create a Class Library project from VS, create class files in the project, and create classes for each of your features. When you compile a Class Library project it creates a DLL that you can send other people or use in your own projects.

To use a DLL in a VS project, click on the project in Solution Explorer and choose Add Reference, then choose the DLL. It'll be in the Projects tab if it's part of your project, otherwise you have to browse for it.

Namespaces have nothing to do with DLLs, you can use them or not use them as you wish. They are only needed if you have multiple classes with the same names.
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