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i have a client who uses the notes function in outlook 2003.

They are using public folders and have created a new notes item and called it Message Board. Theya re basically clicking new notes, typing in the 3 letter code for the user I.E. FEN would be the users callsign and then closing the message down. This obviously saves the note to the public folder. HOWEVER, what then happens is the note is sent to the users inbox of which the letter code is assigned to. so for instance sh sent to fen it would go in to fn mailbox after sh had posted the note in the public folder.

so the probelm is, how do i set it up so that when i type in a users 3 letter code it sends an e-mail to the users inbox???

all help is greatly appreciated.

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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, support01.

They are either using a custom Note form that has code behind it or they are using the folder assistant to look for specific text in a note and take action accordingly.  Are you familiar with the folder assistant?  If not, then it is rules for public folders.  Here's how you could mirror what they're doing.

1.  Right-click on your public folder and select Properties.
2. Click the Administration tab.  
3.  Click the Folder Assistant button.
4.  Click Add Rule
5.  Enter the three letter code to look for in the Subject field.
6.  Check the Forward box and enter the email address of the person with that three letter code.
7.  Ok your way out.
8.  Post an item with that subject.  For Notes the first line of the note is the subject.
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