How do I access a parent's property from a nested child user control?

Hi all.  I'm probably missing something obvious.  I have a UserControl inside a PlaceHolder which is inside a Panel.  That panel is a child control of the parent UserControl that contains the property I need to access. Using the code below, I get a casting error, obviously because my upload control's direct parent is the placeholder control. What is the best way for me to access the property I need

Should I just abandon trying to seek out the property in the parent above and just pass the values I need in custom event args? My parent control has an "upload files" button that exposes the visibility of the upload control's panel. I could probably pass what I need through event args, but I would still need to get a reference to that parent control though just so I could listen for the event. I'm just looking for the simplest solution.  

Just to recap:  My control heirarchy is:  Parent UserControl -> Panel -> PlaceHolder -> Upload UserControl and I need to get a reference to a property in the Parent contriol from the Upload Control.  Thanks for any help.
FileManager40 ucFileManager40 = (FileManager40)this.Parent;
			Category _currentFolder = ucFileManager40._CurrentFolder;

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Alpesh PatelCommented:
here is the scenario for your requirement
i am using langugage so you can get logic and build your own


dim l_instanceUcParent as UserControls_UcParent            ' get one instatnce of your parent usercontrol UserControls_UCParent may be change according to your Parent usercontrol name

Dim l_instancePanel As  Panel

dim l_instanceUcUploadChild as UserControls_UcUploadChild          '' get one instatnce of your UploadChild usercontrol UserControls_UCUploadChild may be change according to your UploadChild usercontrol name


l_instanceUcParent = me.FindControl("HereWriteYourParentUserControlID")
l_panel= l_instanceUcParent.FindControl("HereWriteYourPanelIDgeretedforPanelofUCParent")
l_instanceUploadChild = l_panel.FindControl("HereWriteYourUploadChildUserControlID")

now you can access each and ever property  l_instanceUploadChild over here

thanx and regards

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How about something like this...

UserControl myParentUserControl = 
AttributeCollection myParentsAttributes = myParentUserControl.Attributes;

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svcoderAuthor Commented:
I actually went with a different approach. Since this approach would couple the user control to the parent page, I had to take another approach. Instead of crawling up the control heirarchy, I simply created a public method within the user control and called that method when I load the control. I passed the objects I needed in the method call. That way the control could receive the required data and could still be re-usable in other pages. The solutions provided would probably work with some massaging to be able to crawl up the container controls to get to the parent, but I needed a different solution. Thanks for the replies.
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