php web app creator

I'm looking for some software that will allow me to make simple php/mysql applications for web use without coding.

I don't have the time/energy or desire to learn to actually code right now.   I usually hire this sort of thing out but it would be nice to be able to create simple apps/forms/ect myself.

Does anyone know of such a thing?  It would be best if it were web based, second best is if it would run on my mac.  Third best would be a pc based app.

Thanks for any help.
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b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

I would strongly recommend against using anything like that.  I have never seen any software that really does all you ask for you but I would have a few big concerns if you did find one.  The biggest is making safe script.  Forms, databases and their info is just to diverse to easily have something automatically do it all.  There are some great tools designers use to save time and create sites quickly and easily but they in no way replace the skills of a good and knowledgeable web programmer.  They can't make up for the lack of those skills or knowledge either.

If this is something you want for your personal use or you don't mind a premade script and "app" then there are many out there for specific needs.  However a program that will allow you to create them doesn't exist to my knowledge and I would never recommend it being used.  There are too many examples where similar things make a bigger mess of a page and web app than they are worth.

Of course that is just my opinion. :)  Another expert may have something different to suggest.  Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.


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Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
well, great expectation ..based on your idea there were some CODE GENERATOR tools but it does not help as per our requirement / unless you requirement / functionality is not fixed, you can't simply create and develop sites...

but there are other possibility to use CMS solutions (content management system) which will allow you to choose the modules / pluggins and you can enable it to the site.. as well different layout/themes could be applied... so you can create dynamic sites...

also, i have used Code Generator tool to develop scripts for me.. but it is not flexible or convenient as per our requirement...

so i would suggest to go for CMS solutions or be energetic to learn and develop the sites...

so what do you say?
Just wondering how you went with this question?
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
You cannot expect such "web app creator" tool to develop whatever you think on  your mind...

If you have specific goal to achieve on the web development ... look for larger CMS tools to add on modules to do it easy ...

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