php.ini variable preventing fopen() - filesize() - fclose() functions?

This is a openscript php code verification script that prevents auto entry where a human views alpha-numeric text and then types in what they see.

Works on different server, not the one copied to hence wondering if php.ini variables are the cause.

Url =

Code =


 *                            Dolphin Web Community Software
 *                              -------------------
 *     begin                : Mon Mar 23 2006
 *     copyright            : (C) 2006 BoonEx Group
 *     website              :

 *   This is a free software; you can modify it under the terms of BoonEx
 *   Product License Agreement published on BoonEx site at
 *   You may not however distribute it for free or/and a fee.
 *   This notice may not be removed from the source code. You may not also remove any other visible
 *   reference and links to BoonEx Group as provided in source code.

require_once( "" );

$chars = array("a","A","b","B","c","C","d","D","e","E","f","F","g","G","h","H","i","I","j","J",
$textstr = '';
for ($i = 0, $length = 5; $i < $length; $i++) {
   $textstr .= $chars[rand(0, count($chars) - 1)];
$hashtext = md5($textstr);

$_SESSION['strSec'] = $hashtext;

if ( produceSecurityImage( $textstr, $hashtext ) != IMAGE_ERROR_SUCCESS )
      // output header
      header( "Content-Type: image/gif" );
      // output error image
      $errorFilename = $ID_PIC_DIR . 'simg_error.gif';
      $fp = fopen( $errorFilename, 'r' );
      $fsize = filesize( $errorFilename );
      if ( $fp )
            print fread( $fp, $fsize );
      fclose( $fp );


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Most likely... safe_mode is on, and that prevents you from using fopen on files that are outside your include directories....  either turn safe_mode off, or add whatever $ID_PIC_DIR point to to your include directory
Seems that function produceSecurityImage( $textstr, $hashtext ) returns an error

Can you post the content of
qdcsincAuthor Commented:
I need to install the gd_library.


Do you know how to install the gd library and change php.ini settings?
try uncommenting

extension=php_gd2.dll in your php.ini file

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