Analog Phone Line with Rightfax

We been using rightfax to send fax for while using our T1 provider data line. Now we moved to a new office and our manager switched internet line from t1 to Comcast cable. Now we are unable to send fax using these lines. I tried to connect a regular fax with those line and it does not send fax.
We called guy who setup phone and he has we should not have any issue sending fax using any phone line. I'm not a phone guy, not sure I understand why cant I send fax using these lines. Can comcast provide data line(analog line). Also can rightfax send fax any other method?
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Do you know how RightFax was configured at your old location?  If it was configured to use IP protocol, then changing from T1 to Cable should not matter.  All you would need to make sure of is that you changed any and all IP related information on the computer that RightFax is running on.

Comcast can not provide analog phone lines.

From what little I have looked at on the RightFax site, it should be able to use a modem that is installed in the computer it is running on to send faxes.  You would need a analog phone line connect to that modem.
The issue is not with RightFax per se, but with the "fax board" you use.  RightFax will work with either a digital T1/ISDN/PRI board which supports a digital line connection to your telephone service, or an "analog" fax board which will connect to "standard" telephone lines typically referred to as "B1 lines".
Look for the documentation for the board you have installed in your RightFax server.  Typically these are "BrookTrout" boards.
Without knowing exactly which board you have I can only offer suggestions that will point you in the proper direction.
Go to and select "Support" | "Knowledgebase" from the menu's.  Set the "Search by" parameter to "Answer ID".
for general info on phone requiements for Rightfax, Answer ID 2194 will be useful.
for T1 specific info search for and read Answer ID 1091.  Which also references "Tech Note" (same as answer ID) 925.
If you don't find the documentation for your card, at least see if you can identify it from the original invoices, packing slips or box.  Then, you can get PDF copies of the documentation directly from the manufacturer.  Or post here for further comments.
Once configured correctly RightFax is a terrific product.  Don't give up on it.



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A couple more thoughts.  Are you using a PBX (Telephone system or "private branch exchange") in your office?  If so the issue will be one of connecting the RightFax server to the PBX.  If you have a PBX and it hasn't changed you should be able to get this to work without any hardware changes as the PBX should be able to translate the necessary info. "Trunking" for your PBX is the service between your PBX and the outside world (Comcast, or your earlier T1 provider).  "Lines" service the devices internal to your office like your desktop telephones (probably serviced by digital lines attached to digital line cards in your PBX), and analog devices like standalone fax machines or "home type" telephones, or dial up modems which would be connected to phone jacks services by analog line cards in the PBX.
If you are using the same PBX as before, connected in the same way and the only thing that has changed is the "trunking" then, you'll probably just have to change some settings in the Board Server Module in RightFax.  The board server module can be found in Control Panel, or accessed via the Enterprise Fax Manager application by clicking on the HOST COMPUTER NAME (on the left) then double clicking on Board Server Module in the "services" listing below and to the right.
If for any reason your current telephone provider cannot provide PRI/ISDN/or T1 service which is compatible with your board, you can replace the board with another, say analog, board which is compatible with their service.
Good luck and let us know how you are progressing.

johnwbrowniii, just to let you know, in case you did not, Comcast is a cable company.  As in a Cable T.V. company that in addition to Cable T.V. provide Internet access vla cable and voice over IP services.  So I doubt that the Shahedny had a T1 going directly to the Rightfax and then replace it with Cable.

Now it is possible the Rightfax was connected to a phoneline that went to a PBX, that had a T1 and then the PBX was changed to use Voice over IP using Comcast services.

I was assuming that the T1 to Comcast switch was for Internet access and that the Rightfax was configured to send faxes over IP.

I will make a correction/update to my original post.  Comcast can not provide a REAL analog line, but they can provide equipment that will allow you to connect analog phone equipment to their VOIP equipment.  It depends on your setup though.
CO-based or PBX-based, voice and data  T-1?  I'm not going to figure out what you have but recommend reading the corresponding TR1034 board guide for the card you have. Also...Please do not plug a LAN cable into your TR1034 board's T-1 connection. The T-1 is a special digital connection that is not compatible with LAN switches and hubs.  None of the Brooktrout TR1034 T-1 cards perform faxing (Sending/receiving)only via T-1 "Data" connection. Never! This type of card uses a codec to digitize  inband voice + DTMF +  T-1's call control data signalling.  This call signalling data identifies and common telephony functions like a hang-up, hook-flash or seize a channel for outbound fax call.  Check out the documents johnwbrowniii previously suggested. Good luck!
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