Not accepting cookies, Settings have no effect

Hi all,

I have been unable to accept cookies using IE7 (XP sp2). Setting the privacy permissions in IE7 has no effect. Cannot purchase via Amazon or use Quicken online.

A file search reveals no file on my machine named cookies.txt (search result shown in attached file)
Norton Clean Sweep shows zero cookies.

The only relevant cookie folder is
C:WINDOWS\Temp --- and it is empty

Cookies seem to work fine in FireFox.

Thanks for your help.

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b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

The cookies aren't named cookies.txt and aren't stored in the temp folder.  They are usually in a folder like C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files but one or more of those is often hidden.  The easiest way to view the is to choose Tools -> Internet Options -> on the General tab click the Settings button in the Browsing History section -> click the View Files button.  The cookies are text files and will often start with the word cookie but the name is more complicated than just cookies.txt.

Do you have any addons in IE7?  If so disable them and try again.  Use the button to restore to defaults and see if that corrects it.  Let me know if you need details.

I am glad you tried another browser.  That was on the same computer, right?  Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

Marc ZCommented:

A leading hint from your initial post is Norton's Clean Sweep.  It has a one button option to clear history and cookies and others. Perhaps there is a setting to Automatically clear or block cookies?  Have you checked through it's settings?
Also check any other security programs for such settings.

If you want, please list any security programs you have installed and maybe we can pinpoint which one and what setting is causing the issue.
designcoupAuthor Commented:
I'm new to Experts-Exchange, so not sure how to navigate the process. I see now that there can be multiple solutions.

The actual problem is that Amazon and now Quicken 2008 (upgraded today) react that Cookies are Not Enabled.

b0lsc0tt's solution has allowed me to see the cookies -- a boatload of cookies. I logged into Amazon (I normally have to switch browsers to use) and then checked my cookie files. Nothing there from Amazon.

Quicken has a cookie from the last time I used the older version. All of my current web browsing for today is reflected by the cookie date.

Something with specific programs/applications is cookie-confused. My urgency revolves around the inability to pay bills without Quicken.
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Marc ZCommented:
So you can see some cookies.  Good, but irrelevant, if the web page you are trying to see and use can't view or place the cookies.

Quicken 2007, the version I use, uses the cookies that IE handles, so we'll need a little more information.

Is this your own personal computer, or is it work controlled? In other words, is there an IT department involved at all?

What security Programs do you have installed on this machine? Please list ANY, even if you believe them to be turned off.

Have you tried closing IE, go to Control Panel->Internet Options->Privacy and clicking Sites.  Is the quicken billpaying site you are using in that list as Allowed? Add it, if not.

You could try setting the slider to Medium or below.  If you can't change those, you have something blocking you, like a security program.


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designcoupAuthor Commented:
Thanks MTZ, this did the trick.

The specific sites listed in the control panel list did the trick. Not sure how they got there, but Amazon, Intuit and a stock photo site I use where in the midst of a lot of blocked sites.
designcoupAuthor Commented:
Thanks for finding a simple solution. I was expecting some registry issue or worse.
Marc ZCommented:
Your welcome. Glad to help.
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