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Splitting up two companies

We support two companies right now that are wanting to completely separate networks.  At this time we share an Active Directory domain & Exchange servers.  Fortunately we have time to do this, so I want to find out the best way to do this with minimal to no down-time.  Each company has about 150 people. My first thoughts are below & I was hoping that someone can give me some pointers. They're in order:

Build a new back-end Exchange server for Organization B.  Also build a new front-end Exchange server & point our MX-Logic SPAM service to send all messages to that new front-end.  Then, gradually start moving mailboxes from Organization A's back-end to the new Organization B Back-end.  Once this move has been completed, all of the email will be separated off, then we will proceed to the Active-Directory stage.

I may be over-simplifying this, but right now all of our servers/computers are on DOMAINA...I would build up a new AD server that is the primary DC for DOMAINB, then I would establish a trust relationship between the two (how do I do that?), then I would "drag & drop" all of our groups, users, computers etc over to that domain.  Then I would sever the trust & be working on my own.  Questions are:

1) Can I drag & drop users/groups between trusted domains?
2) How would all of my file-permissions take it?
3) Can I just move computers in AD, or would I have to go to each computer & join them to the new domain & re-create the profiles?  (any ways to do that? Organization B has 80 or so computers in the field that DO not come back in the office but once a year).

Are there any other suggestions that you can think of?
1 Solution
You're close, except that there isn't drag-and-drop functionality between domains, only within a single domain.  What you're describing is a domain migration, where you are migrating user and computer accounts from DomainA to DomainB.  You'll create the trust relationship (required for a domain migration) in the AD Domains & Trusts MMC snap-in.

You will need a migration tool to do this, either the AD Migration Tool (free download from Microsoft), or a third-party tool from the likes of Quest or NetPro (excellent and greatly simplifies the process, but the price will knock you out of your chair.)   A migration tool will allow you to re-ACL your file permissions and workstation profiles, so that your questions in #2 & #3 above will end up being largely seamless for the end user.


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