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My unix administrator is trying to migrate the solaris version to the 5.10 and He has asked me if the different oracle database versions we've on those servers (some of them pretty old, don't ask me why), are compatible with solaris 5.10, we administer DB's versions from 7.X to 9i.

So, if there is a compatibility table you know, or even, if You know where to find it, I'd appreciate it very much if you could tell me.
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johnsoneConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle DBACommented:
According to Oracle's site, 8i is only certified up through Solaris 9.

I believe that 8i was desupported by Oracle before Solaris 10 came out.

Oracle 8 may run on Solaris 10 as there is a 64 bit version, but as far as I remember there is no 64 bit version of Oracle 7.
Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
Well, 9i is compatible and many, many people are using it on Solaris 10 without issue. I can't find anything that
says that 7.x works (primarily because it is so old) but I would be surprised if it did not.
contacto_rangelAuthor Commented:
Ok Blu, but How about 8.x?
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