Aliasing or Linking a 2nd-level hash with another

I have a hash of hashes of hashes..
The setup is such: $UserDB->{'SomeMember'}->{'Points'} = 1326;
But, SomeMember has both the username SomeMember and GenericUser (lame example)

I need all accesses to one or the other to be reflected in both.. (Reads and writes)
I was thinking *UserDB->{'SomeMember'} = $UserDB->{'GenericUser'}, but that didn't work for me.
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mkatmonkeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Invariable, most languages generate pointers confusion. Perl calls them references, but the confusion is just the same. The code below should do what I think you want. At least it demonstrates the concept.

my $UserDB = {};
$UserDB->{'SomeMember'} = {'Points'=>1326};
#Note this coppies the pointer/reference instead of the entire hash
$UserDB->{'GenericUser'} = $UserDB->{'SomeMember'};
$UserDB->{'GenericUser'}->{'Points'} += 2;
print $UserDB->{'SomeMember'}->{'Points'}; #outputs 1328

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Craz3dAuthor Commented:
Worked fantastically. Thanks.
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