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Need to create two Meeting Requests with customized fields.  I can make a "message look good, but the Date/calendar connections are lost..  When making an custom appointment on page 2, I cannot get the subject to appear on first page subject content.  Is there anyway to have an Appointment's Subject line on original appointment page to have a customized value based on three user defined combined fields ?  (i.e. value:   [Company]  ([Ticker])   $[Market Cap] millions) should show in Subject line.

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David LeeCommented:
Hi, webuser1211.

Yes, you can set the subject line of an appointment.  I don't understand the situation though.  What do you mean when you say "the Date/calendar connections are lost"?  How are you trying to set the subject?
webuser1211Author Commented:
Sorry to be confusing!  Bottom-line - What I need is a Meeting Request/Appointment form where User Defined Fields (UDFs) will appear on the first (not a second) page in addition to all fields that are already there.  Some of the USFs would autopopulate the Subject line - all USFs would be required fields before it could be sent.  The Subject needs to include concatenated 3 UDFs.  When the user types:
1.  the Company name in a USF field it will always appear as the first item in the subject line.
2.  the Ticker name in a USF field it will always appear as the second item in the subject line surrounded by parentheses.
3.  the Market Caps name in a USF field it will always appear as the last item in the subject line preceded by $ and followed by "in millions".

Re: "the Date/calendar connections are lost" I could not find a way if i created the form based on a "Message" to make it show up on an invitee's or my calendar if they accepted.

I hope this helps?
if I attach and OFT or ICS does everyone see it? or only you?

David LeeCommented:
Unfortunately what you've described isn't possible.  You cannot modify the first page of a meeting request/appointment form.  However, you can modify all other pages and/or add pages, and you can set the value of controls that are on the first page.

Correct.  A form based on anything other than an appointment/meeting request will not update the calendar.

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webuser1211Author Commented:
How do I access the properties of the subject line (and other fields) on the first page?  I have tried adding " [Company]  ([Ticker])   $[Market Cap] millions" to the value of the Subject field on Properties Tab.  When I run the form and fill in the [Company] field etc. the subject values does not show the company name, etc.

Or do I have to delete/or hide the 1st (default) page and re-create it on the 2nd page so I can access the properties
David LeeCommented:
No, you don't need to delete or hide the first page.  You just need to use some code like that below to populate the Subject.  Keep in mind that each control you add to the form has to be bound to a user property in the Outlook item.  The solution then is to trap the CustomPropertyChange event so that the subject is calculated each time one of your custom fields is filled in.  Something like this:

Sub Item_CustomPropertyChange(ByVal Name)
    Dim varVal1, varVal2
    'Change Prop1 and Prop2 on the following two lines to the names of your properties
    varVal1 = Item.UserProperties("Prop1").Value
    varVal2 = Item.UserProperties("Prop2").Value
    Item.ItemProperties.Item("Subject").Value = varVal1 & " " & varVal2
End Sub 

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webuser1211Author Commented:
I have a lot to learn!!!!!!!!!   Do you have a book or a website that you recommend that deals with Outlook Forms?  
David LeeCommented:
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.

Yes, I stongly recommend Sue Mosher's book titled "Microsoft Outlook Programming" by Digital Press (ISBN: 1-55558-286-9).  I also recommend her website (  
webuser1211Author Commented:
Thank You Again!  
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