windows 200 deny internet access

i was asked to make it so the users on a 2000 workstation can not surf teh internet, but they still need to be connected for credit cards etc any ideas?>
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Try modifying the NTFS permissions on c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe. Remove all the groups, and only grant the user acocunts you want to access the web with....


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zenworksbAuthor Commented:
would they then just be able toi go toi windows explorer and acces sit that way?
Dont think so.....It still spawns a new Iexplore.exe process.....

Have a look at this link.  It shows how to restrict access.  If that is not suitable it lists other software that is specifically designed to content filter.

If you are on a corporate network your net admin should be able to put browsing rules to prevent certain users/pcs from connecting to the internet

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Windows 2000

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