Where does XPS driver print or save the file to and what extention

I have a useer who remote access to system
She was using Quickbooks and printing invoices (qty 300) (1st time user)
The system is setup to print to a printer in this building and does so
Even though she choose the correct printer it did not print
When I  looked at the QuickBooks printer set up it was defaulted to Microsoft XPS document writer.
My assumtion is that it printed to this and that it created a file
I can't find the files on her PC or the one she remote accessed to.
She said that it did not ask her for a file name.
Since ther were over 300 invices to print I need to either find the fles and print or at least use as ference for which of the invoices need to be reprinted.
I am not that familar with Quickbooks but do not see a report for invoices printed today.
Lookig for suggestions
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ChiefoftheChissConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft article for you -

As you can see from this she should have been prompted for where to save the file.
XPS doc printer is quite a bit like CutePDF that fashion.
ssaverAuthor Commented:
Thanks even though she said that she did not see this or put a file name in I checked by trying to print something else just to look at the path. There were no xms or xml files inthat location. so back to square 1.

I was able to find a report tin quickBooks to show me the invoice printed today in QuickBooks there were acutually 435  She will have to go in and check each on one at time to reprint.
ssaverAuthor Commented:
Unfortunaltey the files where not where the path was pointing so i never found them. But the answer was correct
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