Exchange 2007 SP1Public Calendar Error

I run an Exchange 2007 SP1 server on a Windows 2003 R2, and any time we change something in Public  Folder Calendars, following error is shown in application log on Exchange server. This errors are appearing after installing SP1. After that I cannot use PFDAVADMIN to connect to Public Folder, an error says that it cannot connect through SSL or port 80... (something similar). Before installing SP1, I could connect without any problem. I didn't make any other change that could affect.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: EXCDO
Event Category: General
Event ID: 8206
Date: 01/28/2008
Time: 9:49:36 AM
User: N/A
Calendaring agent failed with error code 0x80150856 while saving appointment.

0000: 48 72 53 61 76 69 6e 67 HrSaving
0008: 41 70 70 74 3a 3a 48 72 Appt::Hr
0010: 43 68 65 63 6b 50 61 74 CheckPat
0018: 74 65 72 6e 20 66 61 69 tern fai
0020: 6c 65 64 2e 20 50 75 62 led. Pub
0028: 6c 69 63 20 66 6f 6c 64 lic fold
0030: 65 72 3a 4a 75 76 20 43 er:IT C
0038: 61 6c 65 6e 64 61 72 alendar

Thank you for any help
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Install Exchange 2007 SP2 I believe they addressed these issues in the service pack.
ICOHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Is there Exchange 2007 SP2 released, or near to be ? I didn't know that. It is very difficult to find information  about Exchange 2007
There is no service pack 2 for Exchange 2007. This error was well known in Exchange 2003 but I have not found anything yet for 2007. I would consider calling MS Product Support if this is urgent for you but that doesn't mean someone has not already seen this.
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ICOHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
I tried a lot, looking around, but I found nothing. I found something same happening to someone in Exchange 2003, but there is no solution, but only asking to find. It is not urgent, because appointments are created, or deleted without any problem. However I would like to fix this as soon as possible.
About calling MS Support, I have never called them. Is it sure that they fix the issue, and how much do I need to pay, if you know that.
I was thinking rollout 2.  Make sure your KB's are all up to date.  Also check the security permissions.  Anything I have found about this issue points to the system or user security and the issues only comes from a migration.

MS PSS are very good. I'm not sure but if this occured once you applied the SP then the issue may be fixed at no cost. They may even know about it already and be testing a hotfix. I'm not sure of the cost per incident you can give them a call and find out but I know that they will work with you until the issue is resolved for the one time fee. You don't need to pay each time you contact them or they contact you about each particular issue.

If you do call them and get a fix it would be great if you can update us with detailed information as it can be kept here in the database and may help others.

Can anyone else offer any fix for this?
ICOHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
This is first Exchange 2007, and first mail server in my domain, since the domain is newly created, so there is nothing with migration. Even I created a small domain only to see whether I can find any problem with permissions or similar, but I couldn't. If I knew that recreating public folder database would solve the issue, I would do it, because I don't have a lot there, I can export calendars to PST. However removing Public Folders in Exchange 2007 is not easy at all.

I check today MS Updates, but there is nothing new.

I'll try to find a fix around, and if I can't, I have to consider calling them. In that case, of course that I'll update you, since you do your best to help people in trouble.
ICOHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
After digging around, I found that Microsoft will fix Calendaring Agent issues with SP1 Rollup 1, to be released during this or next month. I hope it'll fix my issue too. It'll be published in following article:
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