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Trouble setting up networking on ESX 2.5

Hello all -
Another question for you experts.  Anyway I had a spare server that we bought for testing and I figured what better way to use this server then load up ESX Server.  So its a Dell Poweredge 2650 with dual network cards.  Both are plugged into a switch, which is plugged into our firewall unit.

What I would like to do is keep the ESX server out of the current network.  Our network is 192.168.1.x, the client network is 192.168.2.x (running off the DMZ port on firewall).

My goal is to have the IP of hte ESX Server as, and then have all the machines I load into the ESX be on a 192.168.3.x network so I can test without affecting other things.

I think one problem I am having is that only one network card is being detected.  If i log into the ESX and go to Networking under Physical Adapters only one is listed as Outbound Adapter 0.  I created a virtual switch(network1) and bound it to the OUtbound Adapter 0.

The guest OS (SBS2003) grabs an ip ( which I dont want.

So how do I go about creating a Virtual Switch and VLAN so that all the guest operating systems get a 192.168.3.x ip and are not on the 192.168.1.x network?

Is it a problem that in the ESX Configuration that only one Physical Adapter is listed?  Shouldn't there be 2 adapters?  I would have figured 1 would have been for managing or the console of ESX which would be the  And then the 2nd network would be for the virtual OS and I would be able to configure that to be on a VLAN of 192.168.3.x but still send traffic and internet through the other one.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Help a ESX noob out
First and foremost - download the latest version of VMWare ESX Server from VMWare's site and re-install.   It's up to 3.5 now!  You're wasting your time troubleshooting with older 2.5.2 code.

When you've accomplished that, re-post and see if you have the same issues. :)


I actually gave up on the ESX, I have 2.5 from school and didn't wanna drop the money on the newest version.

Currently I am running Server03 on the box with VMWare Server.

I am trying to do the same thing but having problem configuring VMware Server.

The server has 2 network cards configured to, and  What I want to do is have the VMWare Server Virtual Machines be able to browse online but still be seperated from the 1.x network.  I am unsure on how to configure the virtual network and whether to use Host Only, Nat, Bridged, etc

Any help would be great
ESX Server is technically a free download, but you'll have to have a license to use it in production.  But from what it sounds like, VMWare server is a better fit for you.

If you use the Bridge mode you're simply just using the same IP as the VMWare Server Host.

If you use NAT, it's the same as if you were behind a firewall and need to translate an IP.  This would work in your case, pending that you don't want to use a 1.x address.

Change the IP address of the Virtual NIC inside of the 2003 box to 192.168.2 whatever, but set your subnet mask to a class B instead.  Set the router as your gateway and you're good to go.  


I am just a little confused on how to do that.

Under Virtual Networking I removed everything previously to start fresh as I was messing around.

So under Host Virtual networking I see vmnet0-9. vmnet0 says automatically bridged and the rest say not bridged.

If i drop down any of those 1-9 boxes I see Broadcom #1 or Broadcom #2 for the network adapters, and If i click the arrow I see subnet.

Under Host Virtual Adapters nothing is listed, and under DHCP and NAT nothing is listed.

So what I tried to do was going to Host Virtual Adapter, I added VMnet5 and then went to the NAT Tab and tried to add as the Gateway with subnet as it accepted it. But if I go to Host Network Mapping i see Vmnet5 is listed as VMware Network Adapter, if i click the arrow for subnet is shows it as subnet as, it has DHCP configured, and NAT configured.

How the hell do I do this?


i did Host Only networking, I tried to configure the network adapter as,, gateway as and then dns as

but not working

I want to be able for the virtual machines to get online, but be separate from the

from the 192.168.1.x I wouldn't mind be able to have network access to those Virtual Machines on the 192.168.3.x

i want to get virtual machines seperate from 192.168.1.x network and have those machines able to browse online and also get the internal 192.168.1.x network to be able to get access to the192.168.3.x machines but not the other way around.


trivalent still with me?
Still here, sorry.

One step at a time -

If you set your Host VM to use NAT, what IP address do you get when it is set to DHCP, or does it not work at all?


Trivalent -

wierd stuff man, when I had ESX installed I tried the NAT only and it didn't work.

In this VMWare Server i tried NAT only and it didn't work either.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled VMWare Server because i felt that i screwed up all the defaults, and I tried Nat Only again and it is working.

The NAT Only is configured with DHCP so they got an ip like and were able to browse online.  So I guess I can remove DHCP from it and have a SBS 2003 Virtual Machine hand out DHCP right?

Also these virtual machines could now be setup with Exchange correct?  I just have to foward ports from my physical router to the Windows 2003 server that has the VMWare installed,then in the NAT settings on the Virtual machine foward those to the virtual?
You can leave the 192.168.92.x DHCP on, I believe that's just VMware Server doing the work for you.  Any host will get an IP in that range and you should be fine.  It's not the 3.x solution but it will work.

You'll have to do some work with your firewall to get Exchange Clients attaching to your test Exchange Server, but I would stop here and at least get it installed first.  Re-post a new question if you have problems getting that working!


If I want a SBS2003 Virtual OS to be the DHCP server I should just disable the DHCP on the NAT right?
Well, you'll want to leave the DHCP on the VMware NAT.  If you put DHCP on the SBS Server I think you'll get right back around to the same problem.   I'm almost wishing that you were back using ESX, because in there you could configure a Virtual Switch and this would be easier, at least in concept.  :)


How would you have done it with the Virtual Switch? I tried creating a virtual switch, but wasn't able to get anything going in ESX.

So I guess i will just let VMware server handle DHCP and just mess around with stuff like this.  

With ESX, you could have done the following:

One Physical NIC on your host would have been dedicated to the Service Console only.

The other Physical NIC would have dedicated for Virtual Machines to use.  Then, you could have created a Virtual Switch and connected it to that Physical NIC only.  But you were having issues seeing both NICs, as I recall, too.


Well I wasn't able to determine if the two network cards were detected.  I created a virtual switch but when  I went to install Server03 on the virtual machine and configuring DHCP it gave error about seeing another DHCP server, so I kind of assumed the virtual switch wasn't working.  

I am more then happy to reload ESX b/c I would like to get this working so I can learn some more about Windows Server setups and such.  

I see they have an evaluation of the new ESX but I don't know what I would do after the evaluation period.  I can't afford to drop that kind of money on something like that.  
Do you have an ESX 3 Infrastructure license that is being used in production?

If you're just making a box for testing, there's nothing stopping you from using that same license.  


No I do not, do you want to lend me one? :)

It is wierd that ESX 2.5 wouldn't show the 2 network cards because they were both the same.  However I had no way of seeing if 2 were detected and configure.  

Actually, you could have... did you ever get connected to the ESX box vie the VI3 Client?


I was using a client to connect to the ESX Box by using VMware Remote Console.  During the installation it had me configure the IP of the ESX box which I did, then when I was in the setup, it had Use Broadcom for Console, and use Broadcom for Clients (or something to that nature).  Both network cards are the same Broadcom Gig, but usually like in windows it will say Broadcom 1 Broadcom 2 or something (thats what it says in VMware server).

Should I format again and reload ESX? lol

I don't mind using this older version that I got from one of my college teachers if it works.  I mean im using it to learn not to host a company or something.
Well, here's the rub:

Don't learn from the ESX 2.5.2 installation.  They have changed so much in ESX 3, and then 3.5 that it's a lot easier to setup now.  ESX3 does not use the MUI, and you don't have to partition the OS installation yourself.  Trust me!

Did your prof give you an actual 2.5.2 License to use?   You might have the CD, but anyone can get that.  


yeah i had a license that let me install the software.

kinda bummer,  i guess i will try the evaluation version 2morrow, and see what i can do

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