Antivirus except Files and folders from check

Dear all,

Can anyone tell me that what are the files and folders that should be excepted from check by antivirus for SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 and Great Plains.

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antivirus for sql ???

the antivirus is for a machine!

i hope i have not missed anything, if that is the case please provide more info.

i have been in a master degree study about IT secuirty. and we came out of the conclusion that only the bmp files are the safe ones to be excluded. well the study was about graphic files only.

i say for all files. any file that cannt have code in it or parts of code. can be excluded. usually do not exclude anything. (most secure).

do you want a fast scan without sacrificing the performance ? what about scheduling the scan in the off-peak hours.

waiting for your reply for more info
Depending on what virus software you use, no viruses should be detected because of SQL.  Some virus software may give off "false postives."  This is when a virus program identifies a non virus file as a virus.  I wouldn't recommend eliminating any files or folders from the virus check, because then if there is an infection in that location, you would never know.  

Aside from that, each installation is going to be different, and it depends on where your actual data files are stored.  This can all be viewed when logging into the software as an administrator.
please provide more info about your environment.

waiting for your reply
ArabsoftAuthor Commented:
Dear All,

I mean the Antivirus which installed in windows that have SQL installed.

I have windows 2003 server, SQL 2005 and SQL 2000, Symantec Endpoint.

I think the Antivirus should not check some file for some applications. Please check the following site to see the same subject for some applications.

as said before and as siad in your links

4.) If you have SQL installed, you may want to exclude the SQL folder and databases files (or database file types) from scanning for performance reasons:
KB309422 - Guidelines for choosing antivirus software to run on the computers that are running SQL Server 

((((for performance reasons))))

from security point of view , do not exclude anything even the archive files up to 8 level of compression!

if your server configuration is just as you posted w2k3 +sql2k=sql2k5 then you have to customize your scanning time and scanning area upon the desired performance according to peek-hours , ..etc.

i repeat it again. do not start the exclusion unless you have funny behavior which is logged during the scanning time. you might want to search the term (sql execlusion list endpoint) at the symantic and (sql scan execlusionlist) at the microsoft tech, just to make sure.

hope that helped.

waiting for yoru reply

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