One of the devices connected has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it.

"One of the USB devices connected to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it."

That is the actual message I'm receiving.  From what I've been reading online, and even on here, the problem seems to lie with Windows.  I followed someone's suggestion of removing everything under USB in device manager and then rebooting so Windows would reinstall them, but that hasn't helped.  This is an HP DC5000 SFF with Windows XP Pro.  The only device I"m having trouble with is a Blackberry 8830.  I've also tried a different cable and different USB ports on the PC and I always get the same message.
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Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Does the device work on another PC?
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Here is what I would do for troubleshooting:
1. Has the device worked before
 a. If not, make sure desktop manager is installed
 b. If desktop manager is installed and it has never worked, reinstall your usb drivers and desktop manager - make sure that you do not plug your BB in while it is installing

2. Do other blackberrys work on your computer?
 a. If so, and the BB is of an older model, then install a later version of desktop manager
 b. If other BBs do not work, then it is likely a problem with your USB drivers or desktop manager installation
 c. If other blackerrys of the same model work, or if you have the latest version of desktop manager (anything 4.2.0 or later should work), then it is probably a defective unit - try connecting it to another computer.

3. Did the device stop working while you were changing the installation with desktop manager? If the connection is changed (plugged in on unplugged) during a change to the desktop manager installation, the usb drivers on the computer should be reinstalled.

4. Try your blackberry on a different computer with blackberry desktop manager v. 4.2.0 or later installed. If you don't know of anyone who has this installed already, you will need to find a computer and install it yourself. If it does not work, its a defective unit. If it works with a different computer, then you can try updating your system, reinstalling your USB drivers, and reinstalling desktop manager.

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FAFCUAuthor Commented:
Tried Windows Updates, but it failed to install 10 of the 12 updates for whatever reason.  The Desktop Manager software that we are using is 4.2.2.  The device was working until about a week and 1/2 ago, but then suddenly stopped.  I installed the software on my PC, plugged up the Blackberry and got the exact same message.  At this point, and since none of our other Blackberry users are having an issue either, we're gonna mark it up to being a defective unit an dtry to get a replacement.  None of our other Blackberry users are in the office today, so I couldn't test those on her PC.
FAFCUAuthor Commented:
Tried another Blackberry, different model, and it picked it up right away.  Going to consider this to be a defectice device and look to get a replacement.  Thank-you for your time and info.
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