Public Folders - Templated emails dissapearing once user opens and sends.


I have a client here that uses public folders. They have a templated email that contains a ton of formatted info. We placed that email in a Public Folder so that users could hopefully double click the email, toss in the email addresses and click send.

While that works, the unfortunate outcome is that the email then dissapears in the public folder.

I am sure I am doing this wrong, but what would be the proper way to either setup public folder email templates or is this a permission issue?

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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, supportservices.

Are you saying that you have an email template in a public folder and that users double-click the template and fill it out?  If so, then the reason it disappears is because they sent it.  Double-clicking the template in the public folder doesn't make a copy of it, it opens the item for editing.  When the user fills it out and clicks send, the item disappears because it's been sent.  

Putting templates in a folder won't work.  There are two ways to accomplish what you want to do.  

1.  Treat the template as a custom form and publish it to your organizational forms library.  Here's a link to a page with more details:

2.  Put the template on a network share and place a link to it in the public folder.  
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