Need to renew an SSL certificate on a webserver

I'm renewing the certificate at GeoTrust. I need to get the CSR in from the linux server in order to do that. How do I the CSR and once I get the SSL, how do I renew it?

I'm using PUtty to get into the server. I have full access to the server and it is local to the company.
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Rance_HallConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The file itself is a plain text file, so you can use vi, nano, pico, or whatever your favorite text editor is to open the file and view it.  (try nano first, vi isnt for newbies)

make sure that you don't edit the file accidentally, the format/layout of the file is important.

Just look at it and make sure that the answers to the questions are accurate, (they should be) and then this is the file you send to GeoTrust so that they can use it to make your new updated cert.

when you created the cert in the first place (I assume it was you, maybe it wasnt) the first step was to create a csr.  Then the csr was sent to the cert provider and they sent you back a cert good for X days. (probably 365)

by default the csr was created in the directory you were in when you ran the openssl command that generated the csr file.

It didnt have to stay there though, and it could have moved to a archive dir, or it could have been deleted by a predecessor who didnt know he would need it again.

mrmythAuthor Commented:
how would I look for it loggin into the server with ssh?

I'm not a linux person but I've done some ssh.
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usually the file is named server.csr or something similar, keep in mind that the person who made the csr could name it anything, and put it anywhere.

if you have a locate package installed (like mlocate) and your database is updated

you can try "locate *.csr"

and see if it finds it

if that doesnt work you might have to scan the whole pc looking for the file with the find command like so:

find / *.csr

This only works if the file is actually named something like *.csr if it isnt, then the find will fail.

if you have no idea what its name is then you might just have to make a new one.

mrmythAuthor Commented:
okay, so I found the file called server.csr

How do I open it. Sorry I'm not a linux person.
mrmythAuthor Commented:
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