how to track who is printing

We just installed a printer as an IP printer and created a share on the server.
We gave permissions only to one user outside the admin group.
But someone is printing everyday and there is a whole bunch of documents on it everymorning when we come to office, how do find out who is printing?

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ChiefoftheChissConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could give this a shot
enable logging on Jetdirect software (hopefully applies to your model)

and then how to configure a windows box for syslog capture

good luck!
or you could setup wireshark on a laptop connected to a hub (i really do mean hub) or a mirrored port switch and just leave it on overnight and pull it's logs later.

There might be an easier way than my 2 ideas, but there is something to play with for now while you wait for someone else.
ASAdminAuthor Commented:
Thankyou so much, I will try it out immediately.

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The info may be there already for you to event viewer check the System Log - all the Event ID #10's will show who/what/when/etc...
ASAdminAuthor Commented:
No Assim, if no one has the rights to print to that printer how will the event viewer report it.
soomeone is probably printing it through IP address
ASAdminAuthor Commented:
hi Chief
I have set it yesterday, now how do I track it/

Since you accepted the answer I hope you figured out your last question. I apologize as I was away from my computer this weekend for not responding.

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