Can only generate default offline address book on 2007 MBX server, but not other OAB's.

I have four servers deployed in an Exchange 2007 Enterprise SP1 multi-role configuration organization. Two servers are CAS/HUB, and the other two are MBX servers in a CCR configuration. This environment is currently coexisting with a single Exchange 2003 Enterprise server, which was the first in the org a few years ago. I am trying to tansition completely to my 2007 enviornment, but the OAB generation process is kicking my tail. The entire enviornment is setup in a hosting architecture, but not useing any HMC or related software - everything is done manually. I have followed Microsoft Best Practices in all the areas of my deployment, but I am not finding much available regarding OAB generation.

I am able to generate the "Default Offline Address Book" no problem. But when I try to generate a customer OAB - "CompanyX OAL" I get an event ID 9301 error 9301: Failed to generate offline address book. 80072030. The default OAB, and CompanyX OAB's are all newly created on the 2007 enviornment. I have recreated them, restarted services, applied all current hotfixes, and updates. I have turned up OAB-related logging levels to EXPERT. I'd really appreciate some help with this as it is one of the last remaining issues in this transition.

Thanks much
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Have you confirmed the permissions on the address books? Check out this blog as it may help.

The Exchange 2003 or 2007 OAB Generation process fails to generate an OAB and logs error 9301

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neilpage99Author Commented:
This porblem has progressed into something else. Following your link to Goldman's blog, as well as other advise regarding permissions - I now have a new problem that I'm troubleshooting. It still concerns addressbook generation:  Events ID's 9344, 9109, and 9334 consecutively. The events suggest that permissions are blocking the access to the AD-stored address book based on it's GUID,which I verified is valid and stored using ADSI.

I'm doing everything I can to restore correct permissions on address lists and their respective containers, but in a hosted configuration this is proving very difficult. If we could afford HMC, this would not be an issue, but such is not the case.
neilpage99Author Commented:
Thanks for at least offering a suggestion.
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