End user cannot forward email to external email address but can internally

I have just gone live with Exchange 2007. I have a few groups of users who need access to a shared account to go in and change the forwarding to their pagers.  The problem is that this works fine with internal email address but will not go to their pager/gmail/yahoo (anything external).

Im sure that it is a very simple solution, and I think that I have found roughly the answer to this question if I were using exchange 2003.  I have looked all over the EMC however still cannot find what seems to me should be very easy to do!

Any help would be appreciated.

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You should be able to create a contact for the users in active directory that will be selectable from the GAL.
tgrizzelAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply... However this has already been done.  I know 100% that everything is typed correct, as i can manually forward from the account to the name/pager number through the GAL however when setting this up as a rule to auto forward it will not go.... I can then edit the auto forward rule to another internal account (@mydomain.com) and it will auto forward....
tgrizzelAuthor Commented:
this solution seems to have either resolved itself over time, or adding a new cert (we misnamed the first one) has fixed it.  We can now succesfully auto forward from OWA.

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